a child in the midst of genocide…

“I feel like it would be better if I died with my mom. It is better. I’d rather not see this suffering and pain that I’m witnessing. I mean everyone I valued and loved is gone.” This little girl speaks to the condition of hundreds of thousands of Palestinian children traumatized beyond our imaginations. “this is a child. when will this be stopped?” user pikedum writes in the comments.

Some of PfP’s efforts in Gaza

PfP continues to fund relief efforts for children in Gaza. Following a $20,000 donation to the Cairo Red Crescent for medical equipment, PfP has arranged for the distribution of flour, cooking oil, and clothing for children. We are also continuing to sponsor psychological first aid for children who are experiencing unimaginable trauma. Studies show that early intervention is crucial to long term psychological outcomes, and

PfP’s childhood intervention program in Gaza

PfP implemented ongoing psychological intervention for children in Mawasi Khan Younis. Here are some heartwarming photos and videos from the program, including activities for Palestinian children sponsored by PfP in the Mawasi area. We’re grateful for all your support in making this happen.

The children they stole from us…

Israel has killed 1 in every 200 children in Gaza. These are just some of their names. Hala Abu Saada. She was 14. She loved to dance Dabke. She trained in sign language to translate songs and help other children with disabilities. She was killed with her mother and siblings by an Israeli airstrike. Rahaf Alsaqqa was 5. On the so-called humanitarian corridor to southern Gaza. She and her father were killed by an Israeli tank on the so-called humanitarian corridor to southern Gaza Karim Abu Shamala was killed by airstrikes days before his 9th birthday. He planned his party for months and was excited to celebrate with family. Ward was always smiling. Her name meant ‘flowers’ Watin Munir Abu Gemayzeh was the last known member of her family before she was killed. Now hers is among about 90 families Israel’s attacks have wiped

PfP in Gaza for Ramadan

PfP sponsored an ongoing kitchen in Rafah to feed several hundred families per day throughout the month of Ramadan. PfP created a hakawatiyyeh tent for after Iftar storytelling. With PfP’s support, Safaa, a former schoolteacher, is bringing joy to children in the camps with regular activities like puzzles, crafts, coloring, and story time. PfP working with local Palestinian organizations dedicated to

I Will Never Be The Same

These last few weeks have changed me. I will never be the same. I will never forget the children. I will never forget the heroes. I will never forget the horror. I will neve be the same. I am Gaza. I am Palestine.

Remembering Salah Ajarma, our beloved brother

On July 14th, Playgrounds for Palestine joined friends and family to remember Salah Ajarma, our dear friend, comrade, and brother who passed away in April 2021. Salah was an integral member of PfP and over the years he became family to all of us. He was a man of integrity, passion, and unwavering commitment to justice and his country. He dedicated his life to empowering his community, especially young people, and in the process created a school, a kindergarten, and spectacular community center in the heart of Aida refugee camp, where young people could go for recreation, music, art and dance lessons, after school help, and more. He touched so many lives, and all of us are better people for having

Olive Oil Giveaway Campaign!

To show our love and appreciation for your constant support of PfP, we are doing a $500 VISA gift card appreciation giveaway! We have extended the deadline from October 1st to November first! To enter in the giveaway: Purchase at least three 500 mL bottles of our AIDA Palestinian Olive Oil, Turath Blend, before November 1. You can purchase here! Follow @playgroundsforpalestine on Instagram. Tag 2 friends in the comments of our giveaway post. A winner will be announced on November 5! ?????? ????? ?? ?? ????? ??????, ???????, ???? ????? ????? ??? ???? ???? ?????? ??????, ?? ?????????? ?????????????????? ???? ???????? ?????? ????????? ??? ? ?????? ??????? ??????. ??? ???? ??? ??????????? ????? ??? ??????????? ???? ???? ?????? ????? ?? ??? ????? ?? ?????????. [???? ?? ? ??????? ????? ????????? ???? ?? ??????????? ????????????. 100% ?? ???????? ?? ?? ???? ??? ???????? ???????? ??????????? ??? ???????? ?? ????????? ?????????????? ??????? ?????].

2019 Annual Gala. Thank you!

Thank you so much for coming out to support Playgrounds for Palestine at our annual gala! It was an incredible night of food, music, and fun. Thank you to our wonderful patrons, volunteers, speakers, staff, and to Olive Press Eatery for catering.

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