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A great deal of work and effort goes into building these playgrounds. Some are designed and manufactured locally. When equipment is purchased abroad, parts are shipped to Palestine and assembled using local labor. We transfer ownership of the equipment to a local Palestinian NGO, school, or municipality with which we contract to assume responsibility for the playground. The land is always donated. Among PfP’s stipulations for these playgrounds is that 1) girls are given equal access as boys, 2) children are not charged for use of the playground, and 3) the local partner commits to regular maintenance and cleanup to ensure the safety of the site.

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From the legacies of our ancestors through the land that holds all our roots and all of our stories, Palestinian farmers persist in the traditions of the olive trees, and bring you the nectar of Palestine’s noble fruit so that we might also build spaces of love and play for Palestine’s children.

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“After the ‘Cast lead’ attack on Gaza, PfP shared a video of the kids finally able to go outside where there still stood a (PfP) playground.  It still brings tears to think about the joy of those kids swarming the playground…  It really brought home the great work PfP does. “