From the legacies of our ancestors…

Like all indigenous peoples, access to our ancestral lands has been at the heart of the Palestinian struggle against settler-colonial encroachment.  The fallaheen people of Palestine, those who have always lived close to nature and never took from the land more than they gave to it, have come to symbolize the essence of Palestinian sumud, steadfastness.

… through the land that holds all our roots and all of our stories …

Centuries of the fellaheen’s cultivation of olive trees have made the production of olive oil an important aspect of Palestinian heritage, economy, and identity.  Honoring this heritage is particularly urgent as Israel shrinks the land beneath our feet and destroys olive trees (over one million so far since seizing control of Palestine).

… Palestinian farmers persist in the traditions of the olive trees, and bring you the nectar of Palestine’s noble fruit …

It is for this reason that Playgrounds for Palestine chooses to sell certified Fair Trade, Organic Palestinian olive oil as its principle source of fundraising.  It is of the highest quality extra virgin olive oil, distinguished by the strong taste from Rumi trees, most of which were planted during the Roman empire, or by the younger Nabali trees, which produce a milder fruity taste.

… so that we might also build spaces of love and play for Palestine’s children.

Proceeds from the sale of our organic fair trade extra virgin olive oil go to building playgrounds for Palestinian children and to supporting various child-centered projects aimed at promoting recreation, sport, healthy development and creative expression for them.

So, in addition to having a tasty and nutritious addition to you diet, your purchase will support local farmers and contribute to the making and remaking of smiles and play.

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Remembering Salah Ajarma, our beloved brother

On July 14th, Playgrounds for Palestine joined friends and family to remember Salah Ajarma, our dear friend, comrade, and brother who passed away in April 2021. Salah was an integral member of PfP and over the years he became family to all of us. He was a man of integrity, passion, and unwavering commitment to

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Play, while it cannot change the external realities of children’s lives, can be a vehicle for children to explore and enjoy their differences and similarities and to create, even for a brief time, a more just world where everyone is an equal and valued participant.