Thanksgiving 2021 [Newsletter]

All of us at PfP would like to wish you and your families a happy and safe start to the holiday season! This year, we continue to be thankful for your ongoing generous support of PfP and commitment to the Right to Play for Palestinian children.

This past year, we have completed construction on two new playgrounds, started building one playground, and are in the planning phases for nine others! These include:

  • Lajee Al Yasmin Kindergarten donated by the Sven Hegstad Family (completed)
  • Jayyous Playground donated by the Abboud Family (completed)
  • Hebron Al Shuhada Kindergarten sponsored by the PfP Madison Chapter (in planning)
  • Gaza Bani Suhaila sponsored by the PfP UK Chapter (in planning)
  • Jeel al Amal Playground (in progress)
  • Madaa Creative Center Silwan sponsored by the PfP UK Chapter (in planning)
  • Gaza Al Amal Orphanage Playground sponsored by Rotterdam for Gaza (in planning)
  • Jenin Swaitat Forest sponsored by the PfP UK Chapter (in planning)
  • De La Salle School Bethlehem donated in memory of Edward Saad (in planning)
  • Kufir Nimeh donated by Dr. El-Fahmawi (in planning)
  • Hebron Kiryat Garden (in planning)

In addition, we are now launching a new line of AIDA products including the Balad Blend Olive Oil, Za’atar, and Handmade Olive Oil Soap! These new products will make fantastic holiday gifts and 100% of proceeds go to fund PfP’s projects.

We would like to extend a special thank you to our supporters who have helped with Olive Oil sales! Thank you to:

Please contact us if you would like to host an email, online, zoom, or in person sale this holiday season at [email protected]!

As a reminder, PfP remains a labor of love by an all volunteer board. If you’d like to support us, please consider buying AIDA Organic, Fair Trade, Extra Virgin olive oil. It comes in three blends.

Jayyous Playground 2021

This playground was donated by the Abboud family of Yaffa, Palestine. It is a joint project with SkateQilya and is located next to a boys school, serving its students and the local children. For this playground, we are piloting a new model of locally sourced equipment!

Lajee Al Yasmin Kindergarten 2021
This playground was donated by the Sven Hegstad family of Norway. It is located in the Aida Camp and serves 70 children across the camp and surrounding neighborhoods. In addition to a playground, there is space for use as a garden!

New AIDA Products!
We are expanding our line of AIDA products to include the Balad Blend Olive Oil, Za’atar, and Handmade Olive Oil Soap! All products are organic, made in Palestine, and support local farmers. 100% of the proceeds fund PfP projects!
This new AIDA line will make fantastic holiday gifts. Shop Here!

Hebron Shuhada Kindergarten | PfP Madison Chapter

This playground will be sponsored by the PfP Madison chapter and serves 32 children aged 3-5 years old in Old City Hebron. It is located in the only kindergarten in the area, providing a much needed play area for the children.

Playgrounds for Palestine
P.O. Box 559
Yardley, PA 19067

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My contribution makes me happy for the cause, and is inspired by my friends, Holly and Scudder, who are getting married.