Thank you to our olive oil hosts!

As PfP’s small enterprise of selling Fair Trade, organic, Palestinian olive oil continues to grow thanks to word of mouth and the wonderful volunteers who host olive oil parties for their friends and families. This fall, we would like to recognize the contributions of Houda and Dr. Ali Anaim in Philadelphia; and Stacy Grossman in Grand Rapids, MI. We are so grateful to them for their generous efforts in promoting Palestinian olive oil.

Houda and Dr. Ali Anaim have graciously given of their time and effort to help PfP by selling olive oil! They moved from California to Philadephia, PA where Dr. Ali Anaim is currently serving as a pediatric surgeon at Temple University Hospital. Says, Dr. Anaim, “When I got the email from PfP asking to help out our children in Palestine, to enjoy and live their innocent childhood like other normal children, I honestly didn’t think twice about it. It is the least we can do. And yes, I would certainly do it again!”

Stacy Grossman and the Plymouth Congressional United Church’s Justice and Peace Taskforce in Grand Rapids, MI have been working tirelessly selling olive oil for PfP. They have done everything from hosting complimentary olive oil tastings for their congregation to selling out of PfP olive oil at their monthly Fair Trade booths. Says Stacy, “Selling PfP�s olive oil at Plymouth provides our task force with a rare opportunity for meaningful conversation on a monthly basis about the ongoing situation in the heart of the Middle East . It�s been an eye-opening experience for me and we look forward to continuing to build our relationship with PfP.”

From all of us at PfP, THANK YOU!
If you would like to purchase olive oil or would like to host an olive oil party for your friends and family, please email

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