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 July Newsletter
 PfP’s Summer Film Nights
 Current Projects


We’re pleased to invite you to PfP’s summer film screenings during the month of August.

First FilmPrivate, Saverio Costanzo’s allegorical film which reflects the larger struggles of Palestinians. A squad of Israeli soldiers invades the private home of a Palestinian family and forces the family members to live and sleep entirely in their living room while the soldiers move in upstairs. The family, like the Palestinian people, is faced with a difficult dilemma: how to respond to Israeli invasion and occupation. Here are the details:
Where: Ethical Society Building (1906 Rittenhouse Sq, Philadelphia PA)
When: August 12th @ 7PM
Second FilmJenin Jenin, a documentary that chronicles the Jenin Refugee Camp after the Israeli invasion of the West Bank and assault on the camp in 2002. Victims, many living in refugee tent cities, relate the story of devastation and brutality of the IDF assault on the camp. The film expresses their deep rage against the Israelis and their despair and hopelessness concerning their situation and their future.
Where: Yardley Community Center (64 S Main St, Yardley PA)
When: August 15th @ 7PM
Both films promise to be engaging and educational, and both will be followed by a moderated audience discussion. There is a $5 suggested donation at the door of each screening. Palestinian olive oil will also be sold at each event, and we hope to see you there!! To read more about it, click here.
for more information or to RSVP, email [email protected] or call 267-391-5386


Several playgrounds are currently in the works and all of these will be built using local manufacturers and laborers in Palestine.  These are original PfP designs drawn by our board with the help a friend who is also an architect. The playgrounds are discussed below and we will send more updates as they become available.
1. Arroub: Heather Henyon and Armen Vartian have now raised enough money from their wedding to build a playground in Arroub’s refugee camp. Heather once worked in that camp and when she left, a part of her heart remained there. So, when she got married, she and Armen decided to ask for donations to PfP instead of wedding gifts. After a long struggle to find the perfect spot for it, this playground is ready to be built! Please check out our two stories here and here.
2. Neirab: PfP is working with MECA and friends of UNRWA to construct a playground in Neirab, a UN refugee camp in Syria. We hope to construct this playground with local manufacturing and labor, and we will be using an original PfP design which eliminates complicated parts that come with many American playgrounds. Here is more information about Neirab and the playground.
  More ways you can help



PfP has a number of exciting ways for you to get involved and do more to support this cause. Right now, we’re looking for more volunteers to host olive oil parties! You can buy this delicious product at many of our events to help us raise money, but now you can bring it to your friends and family. Hosting an olive oil party will not only help to support PfP’s cause, but it will also help to support a population of farmers in need. Read the full story by clicking here. Please contact us at [email protected] if you are interested in learning more about olive oil and the way you can help. 

 Some Updates from our Fundraiser

PfP continues to extend a thank you to all of our supporters for making May’s fundraiser gala such a success! We continue to receive donations and support in honor of this gala! We’d like to share this new video with you documenting some of the highlights of the gala. Click here. Enjoy!



 Palestinian Youth Break World Record
 On July 30, about 5,000 Palestinian children gathered on a beach in the northern Gaza Strip to attempt to break the world record for kite flying. Organized by the UNRWA, the display of kites reportedly included at least 3,000–shattering a previous record of less than 1,000 kites. To read our full story about this display of hope and resilience, click here. 


If you would like to learn more about PfP or to support PfP’s work, please visit our website at 


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This donation, our first to PfP, is to honor the children that see beyond conflict, and remind us to be ever present.