It has come to our attention that the spout on these tins may be defective. The plastic pull does not come off easily and most people have had to use a knife or scissors to cut a hole for the oil to pour.  We are hugely sorry for this inconvenience.  For this reason, we are discounting the price to $30.  The oil still tastes amazing and this is a good deal, but comes with the unfortunate hassle of a difficult spout.  If you purchased tins of the Turath blend at the full price, please email, as we would like to offer you a $10 discount code on your next purchase.  

AIDA Palestinian Olive Oil, Turath Blend 1L Tin

$39.00 $30.00

Turath blend is an extra virgin, organic, Fair Trade olive oil made from Nabali olives, an indigenous Palestinian variety with slight fruity overtones and a slight peppery finish, a sign of natural phenol antioxidants in high quality olive oil.

Our oils are organically grown and harvested by hand from family farms on the hills of Palestine. For millennia, our trees have brought civilizations together at the crossroad of Asia, Africa and Europe to taste this nectar of the Mediterranean’s noble fruit: the olive.

AIDA is a private label of the Playgrounds for Palestine. 100% of proceeds go to fund our projects.

Price includes shipping within the USA.

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COVID-19 Response

On April 21st, Playgrounds for Palestine sent a survey to our donors about using some of our funds for a COVID-19 emergency direct aid.  The response from our supporters was overwhelmingly in the affirmative.    Families throughout Palestine have been hard hit by the pandemic, particularly those who rely on income from day labor in

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Enjoy, laugh, play! Our donation is for the children of Palestine in memory of our beloved friend, Marita Boullata.  Marita lived in Palestinian in her early marriage. She championed its land, culture and people, especially children.