March 2024 Newsletter

a blessed, though
solemn, Ramadan.

PfP is doing all in its power to address the needs of families and children in Gaza who are facing the unimaginable.  In the shadow of an ongoing genocide, displacement, hunger, thirst, lack of adequate shelter, injuries, infections, and profound trauma, Palestinians are doing their best to care for one another, and we have been doing our best to empower them.

Our initiatives, though modest, continue to uplift young lives. Below is a snapshot of what we’ve done in the past few months. Some of these activities were implemented while susan abulhawa was herself in Gaza and she can attest to the important and positive impact on children and their families.

with love from all of us at Playgrounds for Palestine.

1. Storytime, Art & Facepainting: Psychological First Aid

In collaboration with a local psychologist (name withheld for his safety), a childhood trauma interventionist, and artists, PfP is sponsoring ongoing psychological first aid. Studies show that early intervention in trauma can have significant positive and lasting impact on children. We are providing activities for self expression, group support, and adult attention and care to their psychological wellbeing.

2. Kitchen & Meal Distribution

In collaboration with al Najat Association, PfP has set up a food kitchen serving hundreds of meals daily. The meals consist of spiced rice with a protein and savory sauce. The protein is usually plant based (garbanzo beans or other legumes) or meat when available.

3. Kite Flying

PfP sponsored several days of kite flying activities in Marasi Rafah and Khan Younis.

4. Fun Day & Toy Distribution

In collaboration with al Najat Association, PfP sponsored a “fun day” in five locations of tent camps, where toys and games were distributed to children at the end. 

5. Hospital Hakawatis

PfP sponsored several Hakawati and art activities for children recovering from “war injuries,” including broken bones, bullet wounds, burns, and amputations.

6. Financial Assistance for New Mothers

PfP distributed assistance to new mothers in a maternity hospital, including envelops with $100 and a stuffed toy for each child, as well as minor hygiene supplies.

7. Supplies Distribution to Hospitalized Children

PfP distributed such items as reusable diapers, wipes, chocolates, and other items for children recovering in hospital 

8. Food & Supplies Distribution

PfP purchased and distributed bags of food supplies for 500 families. Bags consisted of flour, rice, cooking oil, cleaning supplies, various dried beans, canned goods, dried milk, spices, salt & pepper, and more.

9. Medicines, Diapers, Menstrual Pads, Hearing Aid Batteries, Coffee, Chocolates, and Much More

susan abulhawa’s trip to Gaza began with procurement of more than 18 large pieces of luggage filled with essential medications from pain relievers and anti-hypertensives to bronchodilators and antibiotics, personal hygiene supplies such as feminine products, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soaps and such; food items; coffee; and much much more.

10. Women’s Clinic

PfP is supporting a women’s clinic at an established tent camp that’s being run by a locally established and locally organization. We cannot provide the name or photos to protect their safety.

11. “After Iftar” Movies & Popcorn

We are trying to procure a projector (battery run), as well as popcorn, to hold movie nights after Iftar during Ramadan for families. We’ve thus far not been able to find these items, but we’re working on it.  If anyone has ideas, please share.

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