June 2014 Newsletter


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June 2014

Dr Ahmed Alkhateeb Takes PfP to the Summit of Mt Rainier!

Congratulations and gratitude to Dr Ahmed Alkhateeb, a postdoctoral researcher at Harvard, and his friends for climbing Mt Rainier in support of PfP!

Dr Alkhateeb and his fellow mountaineers started the climb on June 6th and reached the summit (pictured) on June 11th.  For more information and photos, click here or on the photo below.

Lajee Center Grand Opening of Community Space

On June 6th, Lajee Center held it’s grand opening for the community space and playground built by PfP.

We are very proud of the work being done by Lajee and honored to contribute this safe space for families and children.  Susan, a PfP board member, was there and had an opportunity to speak with some of the children, all of whom expressed joy at having a place to play and asked for “more climbing and swinging things.”

Indeed, PfP will be adding more to this site in the coming months.

Another Way To Give, Without Giving!

Just designate PfP as your 501c3 nonprofit organization of choice, and Amazon will donate a portion of your what you buy there to PfP.

Olive Oil, Always…

Ger you Fair Trade, USDA Certified Organic Palestinian Olive Oil here. Both the Rumi and Nabali olive oils come in elegant 500 mL bottles or beautiful IL tin cans.



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Remembering Salah Ajarma, our beloved brother

On July 14th, Playgrounds for Palestine joined friends and family to remember Salah Ajarma, our dear friend, comrade, and brother who passed away in April 2021. Salah was an integral member of PfP and over the years he became family to all of us. He was a man of integrity, passion, and unwavering commitment to

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Enjoy, laugh, play! Our donation is for the children of Palestine in memory of our beloved friend, Marita Boullata.  Marita lived in Palestinian in her early marriage. She championed its land, culture and people, especially children.