July 2015 Newsletter


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July 2015

Dear Friends of PfP,

We’re happy to report that we just completed the installation of three playgrounds, two of which were ready in time for the Eid celebrations.

We’d like to share with you some photos and a letter we received from Lajee Center, in the Aida Refugee Camp, one of the locations of a new playground and family garden.  

With love,


Aida’s Lajee Center

We were very touched to receive the following letter, and we want to share it with you, our supporters who make it all happen!

Dear Playground for Palestine,

On behalf of Lajee Center’s team, children, youth and members, we would like to share a sincere thank you for your generous support of our garden. The two projects which your organisation has funded has enabled very significant developments of Lajee Center’s garden and free space for Aida Refugee Camp and the surrounding area. The children, youth and families now have a bigger and safer space to play and socialise which has encouraged more people to access and use the garden. It has become a much valued and important place where everyone loves to spend time and there is always a lively and fun atmosphere, a welcome break from the difficult and cramped conditions of life in Aida Camp. Since the establishment of the Camp, children were forced to play in the narrow alleyways between houses. Now, thanks to your support, children can play new games, take part in group activities and enjoy the outdoors with their family and friends. Lajee Center is overjoyed at seeing the smiles of children in the Camp, and it is wonderful that we are now able to organise outdoor activities and games. This project has been integral to Lajee’s work and has made it possible for us to host events and activities in the garden for the whole community to participate in. We greatly appreciate all your support and thank you for helping us reach this dream of creating a safe, open and fun space for our children and youth.

Best regards,

Lajee Center

Photos of Aida’s Lajee Center

(All it needs now is the sand floor)


Photos of Budrus

(In process.  We’ll send updated pictures soon!)

…and, Qibya, also in process (we just couldn’t wait to show you!)

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