Host a Palestinian Olive Oil Party

When you help PfP fundraise by buying our olive oil or hosting an olive oil party, you are doing more than simply providing playgrounds for Palestinian children. The World Bank estimates that Palestinian agriculture accounts for about 25% of the GDP, and olive trees are raised on at least 45% of all cultivated land. Traditionally, the Palestinian market for olive oil was internal, production met demand, and there were not excesses of oil to be exported to other markets. Since 2006, however, Palestinian farmers have increased production dramatically, and the increase in supply means that there is tons of oil available to export.

It has been a challenge for farmers to find markets for these exports. Other Arab countries, notably Jordan, have provided small markets, but they have also developed their own olive oil agriculture and are able to produce almost entirely the oil needed internally. Organizations like PfP which buy Fair-Trade olive oil are helping to develop the agricultural industry of Palestine. Although markets in the Arab world may be somewhat available, taxes, tariffs and other exportation costs make it extremely difficult, if not impossible to earn a profit. By purchasing fair-trade oil, PfP is helping to ensure that these farmers will continue to support their families and their farms. It is estimated that olives are the main crop for 71,000 Palestinian families, and the main source of income for 100,000.

Olive oil truly is a way of life in Palestine. Many olive orchards date back hundreds of years, and have been worked and processed by the same families from generation to generation. Farmers use the same methods to press the olives and bottle the oil that they always have. This means the vast majority of oil produced is certifiably organic, healthy and delicious.

To support these farmers and keep them from having to abandon their crops, PfP asks you to do more. We are asking you to share the authentic taste of this olive oil with your family and friends by hosting an olive oil party. We find that these are successful ways to educate others and to maintain the culture, the lifestyle, and the wellbeing of a people, not to mention a lot of fun!

To learn more about our olive oil, or to host a party please email us at [email protected] or call (267) 391-5386.

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