2023 Playgrounds for Palestine Year-End Donation Summary

Annual Summary for 2023
Playgrounds for Palestine

All of us at PfP would like to thank you for making our work possible, especially during this ongoing genocide against Palestinians. Your commitment to the rights of Palestinian children is more essential now than ever. Your kindness this past year has supported: 

  • Medical Aid: PfP sent $20,000 worth of medical supplies to Gaza through the Egyptian Red Crescent.
  • Food Aid: PfP made a $25,000 donation to MECA’s boxed food program and distributed $15,000 worth of flour, cooking oil, and warm clothing for children in Gaza.
  • Psychological First Aid: In partnership with Al-Najat Association on the ground, PfP funded several psychological interventions for children, including various art and play activities, kit flying, songs, and more.
  • Assistance for New Mothers: In partnership with Al-Najat Association, PfP provided direct aid to new mothers in displacement camps in southern Gaza.

Prior to the catastrophic situation in Gaza, we also implemented the following: 

  • Installed a new playground and park landscaping in AbuShkeidem in loving memory of Mariam Sheikha.
  • Completed the playground in Madaa Creative Center and held an opening ceremony “fun day” for children in Silwan.
  • Installing a playground in Burin in collaboration with our UK chapter and World Vision.
  • Planned and initial funding for two playgrounds, one in Al Freir School and another in Beit Liqia.

We are immensely grateful for your generosity as we strive to create space for play, creativity and love for children living in a tortured land under foreign military occupation. 

Below you will find a summary of your contributions for 2023. All contributions are tax deductible, except where there is a fair market value, meaning that you received something of the stated value in return. In order to calculate your tax deduction, simply deduct the Fair Market Value (if applicable) from your total contribution.

With love,


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My contribution makes me happy for the cause, and is inspired by my friends, Holly and Scudder, who are getting married.