10 Years of Play, “Writing on The Wall”, and more



April 2011

Celebrating 10 Years of Play

On Saturday, May 21st, Playgrounds for Palestine will be celebrating its 10th year anniversary.   We have several wonderful surprises to unveil and we sincerely hope you will join us for this special ocassion.

The evening entertainment will feature Spoken Word Poet Remi Kanazi and renowned Dabke Troupe, Faris el Layl.

We will bring you messages from the children whose lives you have touched so profoundly over the years.

As always, you’ll find delicious Arabic food, good friends, and a meaningful and fun way to spend your evening.

It’s a family event, of course.  For more information or to purchase tickets, click here.

Award-winning crime novelist, Matt Rees, will write your name on the Separation Wall that runs through parts of Beit Lahm (Bethlehem).

Yes! for a small (or large) donation, we will gladly use your good name to vandalize that awful monstrosity of concrete!

Matt Beynon Rees is an award-winning foreign correspondent and crime novelist based in Jerusalem since 1996. He was Time magazine’s Jerusalem bureau chief from 2000 until 2006, writing award-winning stories about the Palestinian intifada. He also worked as a contributing editor to Time and as Middle East correspondent for the Scotsman and Newsweek.

More importantly, Rees is a friend of PfP.

On a recent trip to Bethlehem where Matt went to interview children playing on one of our playgrounds, he stopped to write our name on The Wall: “Playgrounds for Palestine”. Thus was born his brilliant idea, which we hope you’ll agree is so brilliant you’ll immediately click on the button below to add your name to PfP history. 🙂

Click here

PfP Olive Oil Selling Quickly!
PfP is selling high quality extra virgin olive oil from Palestine… Hurry up and place your order! These elegant bottles of fairly traded oil make great gifts and are delicious for everyday use, as olive oil is an excellent foundation for healthy cooking. Our oil has a bold, smooth taste that makes it flavorful either cooked or raw.  Even better, you can feel good about this purchase – by buying our oil, you are supporting a Palestinian olive farmers’ cooperative in the West Bank and promoting the construction of playgrounds in communities that need them the most.  Buying olive oil is an act of indulgence that doubles as an important way to support Palestine’s economy.
Ongoing systematic targeting of Palestinian children: Children tear gassed and abducted; playgrounds Demolished

Since 2000, over 7600 Palestinian children, male and female, have been kidnapped by Israeli armed forces and 246 are currently behind bars in “detention”.
Reports of these abductions and of Israeli attacks on playgrounds in Palestine continue.  In the village of Beit Ommar in the West Bank on Feb. 19, 2011, Israeli special forces invaded a park full of children.  They used tear gas, rubber bullets and sound bombs to terrorize the children and keep them from running away.  Thirteen children between the ages of 12 to 15 were abducted by the soldiers.  Earlier in the day, Israeli forces also attacked and broke up a peaceful protest of village residents who were demonstrating against the expansion of Israeli settlements.
In early October 2010, Israeli bulldozers also demolished a playground in the village of Far’un in the northern West Bank district of Tulkarem.  Soldiers ordered residents to demolish the playground structure which had cost them $150,000 to build.  The villagers refused.  To add insult to injury, the villagers were told they would have to bear the cost of the demolition.


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a child in the midst of genocide…

“I feel like it would be better if I died with my mom. It is better. I’d rather not see this suffering and pain that I’m witnessing. I mean everyone I valued and loved is gone.” This little girl speaks to the condition of hundreds of thousands of Palestinian children traumatized beyond our imaginations. “this

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Enjoy, laugh, play! Our donation is for the children of Palestine in memory of our beloved friend, Marita Boullata.  Marita lived in Palestinian in her early marriage. She championed its land, culture and people, especially children.