PfP Dedicates Playground to Two Fallen Boys

On December 2, 2016, Playgrounds for Palestine dedicated a playground to two boys, one African American and one Palestinian, who were killed, ultimately by institutional racism.

Tamir Rice was killed by police in Cleveland, Ohio, as he played in a park.  Abdurrahman Obeidallah was killed by an Israeli sniper as he walked home from school.  Both boys were 12 years old.

A monument in their memory was erected at the Lajee Center, where PfP built a new playground.  The Reverend Graylan Hagler, together with a group of pastors from the United Church of Christ, participated in the ceremony.  They were in Palestine as a delegation of church leaders coming to bear witness.

Salah Ajarma, PfP’s Palestine representative and Director of Lajee Center, made it all happen.  The beautiful cake was baked by Rasha Ajarma.  We are so grateful.  And we continue the struggle.

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