COVID-19 Response

On April 21st, Playgrounds for Palestine sent a survey to our donors about using some of our funds for a COVID-19 emergency direct aid.  The response from our supporters was overwhelmingly in the affirmative.   

Families throughout Palestine have been hard hit by the pandemic, particularly those who rely on income from day labor in Israel.  The villages of East and West Toura, southwest of Jenin are no exceptions.  They were historically agricultural communities that produced wheat, olives, tobacco, and various produce.  However, as Israel confiscated nearly all village farmlands in the early 2000s, breadwinners were forced to work in Israel as day laborers.  Since the pandemic lockdown took effect in early March, few have been able to work and families have been facing severe shortages.

To help alleviate some of the hardship, PfP worked with the village council to distribute direct aid to affected families with children.  Because of your support and generosity, we were able to give families some breathing room this Ramadan.  

We’re happy to report our support of 148 families who are experiencing reduced or no income due to the Covid 19 crisis. The disbursement amounts were determined by a village committee based on two main criteria, including 1) number of children and; 2) whether all income or partial income was lost:

  • 42 families received two payments of $100.
  • 51 families received two payments of $150.
  • 3 families received two payments of $50. 
  • 18 families received one payment of $ 150.
  • 34 families received one payment of $100.

We are grateful to Professor Ahmad Qabaha, a resident of Toura and friend of PfP, along with Mr Mahmoud Ziad, on behalf of the Toura Municipality, for their meticulous work identifying needs and disbursing the funds to help families with children get through this extraordinary Ramadan.  

Dr Qabaha said, “I would love to express my sincere gratitude to every person who contributed to the survival of Toura’s children whose families suffered from the lockdown. Your support has really demonstrated the inclination of people around the world towards human solidarity.”

From one recipient: “we send our love and appreciation to the PfP for their acceptance of our call for support. We pray for them day and night. We are so grateful.”

We wish them, you, and everyone good health and freedom.

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